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tv.jpgHOW DECISION MAKING AFFECTS THE ADOPTION PROCESSThere are two types of thinkers in this world: the traditional and the modern. Rogers’ states that traditional tend to lack technological innovation, have lower literacy rates, and remain fairly isolated in trade. This type of person and/or group can be characterized as meek and fearful when it comes to making decisions. Meanwhile, it is the modern type that takes chances on making risky yet confident decisions.

Differentiating between these two types of thinkers can affect how we analyze the adoption process. In Rogers book, Diffusion of Innovations, before an idea spreads Rogers says, it goes through the adoption process. This process requires one vital but sometimes agonizing task: decision making.

Let’s decide how we decide based on Rogers’ idea: which says “decision making is the process by which an evaluation of the meaning and consequences of alternative lines of conduct is made.” (p. 78)

Step 1- observe– watch, read, listen to commentary about the idea

Step 2- analyze- Weigh the costs and benefits of adopting the innovation

Step 3- decide- Make a conscious thought to like or dislike the idea

Step 4-take action- seek out this idea or move away from it

Step 5- accept consequences-Come to terms with the implications of the decision

You can only take in information that is in front of you, information you seek out, so by changing something as small as say, the time in which you watch TV could sway your decision about a topic and therefore the adoption process. Then again, if certain channels are blocked so you cannot see them, like perhaps a government could do, your information base becomes limited. By limiting information, you skip steps in the decision making process, which can lead to harder and more dire consequences.

Rogers research can help us understand how our brains can absorb and articulate information through the process of decision making and then adoption.

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